On Track for Graduation


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    • Attention On-track and Off-track seniors!  Soon I will be asking for your signatures on your senior ON-track shirts!  The design will look similar to the previous 2 years design where you will sign your name for your signatures to go on the graduation year on your shirts.  
      • You MUST be ON-TRACK for graduation in May in order to recieve the shirt.  
    • In October all On-Track seniors will be invited to attend an in-school drama showing of "Dracuala." 
    • Special giveaways will be either throughout the year or at teh end of the year which will include: printers and kindle fires.  
    • On-Track seniors will be invited to particiapte in the ON-track seniors VS. Staff Basketball game!  
    • SHIRTS: Mentoring program:  If you are not on track to graduate, you have been seen either by Mrs. Santiago or myself (MR. Whitaker).  As you know anytime I see you I look at your grades/data and ask about your progress, by the end of the year you just may be sick of me:)  That's ok though, as long you walk that stage in May! If you are off-track you will be assigned a staff mentor.  They will meet with you 3 times per grading period to go over your data and progress.


    • Senior Parking:  I have received a lot of feedback this year for things seniors would like me to consider for additional incentive items for the On-Track senior program.  You will not be allowed to paint your senior parking spot.  You must be on track to obtain a senior spot.


    • Senior Breakfast:  Must be on track to attend.


    • Drama Presentation:  will take place again this for all on-track seniors only.  Date is to be determined.  check back for udpates.


    • On-track seniors Vs. Staff game


    • End of Year Giveaway:  the past 2 years I have done a give away for TV's, Ipads, Kindle fires, printers,  and gift baskets for all those on track seniors.  This is expected to occur this year as well.  You will not be eligible for any prize if you are not on track by time of the drawings (early May).