Title I Information

  • Title 1 at North Shore Elementary
    Title 1 is a federally funded program that supplements district funds, which are provided to enhance the educational programs of our school and encourage parent involvement during the school year. The Title 1 Program at North Shore is a School Wide Program; our school receives federal funds to enhance the educational program of the entire school.

    Goal of Title 1 at North Shore

    High student achievement is the #1 goal of Title 1 at North Shore Elementary. Title 1 funds are used to hire additional staff, helping to ensure that all our students receive the extra assistance needed to reach his or her potential. The funds also are used to purchase instructional materials that will benefit students in the classroom.
    Title 1 Parent Involvement

    When parents get involved, children succeed. Parent involvement increases student achievement. Therefore, home and school partnerships are essential. Parents are asked to sign a pledge for success. This pledge is an agreement between home and school in which parents, students, and teachers agree to work together so that all children succeed in school. Joining parent organizations (SAC and PTA), volunteering, and attending parent workshops and trainings are important and essential to student success.
    For more information on our Title I program, please contact Ms. Dawson.