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    Parent Power!
    All parents believe that children can and will succeed.  
    Parents are the bridge to that success.
    You can accomplish this by taking these steps:
    Be responsible. - Make education a priority in your home.
    Be committed. - Continue supporting your child throughout the year.
    Be positive. - Provide positive feedback.
    Be patient. - Show your child that you care through your commitment and encouragement.
    Be attentive. - Discipline should be appropriate and consistent.  Provide them with an opportunity to correct behavior.
    Be precise. - Provide clear and direct instructions.
    Be mindful of mistakes. - Look over work and help him or her correct any errors.
    Be diligent. - Work with your child and teacher(s) throughout the year.
    Be innovative. - Keep learning lively and dynamic.
    BE THERE. - Just be there for your child - to answer questions, listen, to give advice, and to encourage.  
    Be there to support your child whenever needed.  
    (U.S. Department of Education:  Parent Power:  Build the Bridge to Success)