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  • First Semester Exam Procedures


    Hollins High Royals may exempt up to three exams per semester with the exception of seniors. Second semester seniors may exempt up to eight exams if they meet all other eligibility requirements.

    • Royals may not exempt AP/AICE courses or courses with an EOC (Algebra 1, Biology, Geometry, US History).
    • Royals must have an A/B for report period 1, and a 2nd quarter grade) of an A/B (posted on Dec. 10 ) to be eligible to exempt.
    • Royals must have a been erolled in, and attending a Pinellas County school on August 11, 2021 to qualify for 1st semester exam exemption.
    • All make-up work must be turned in, graded, and posted in Focus before Exam Exemption forms are due. Gradebook grades listed in Focus on December 10th will be utilized for determining exam exemption eligibility.
    • Exam Exemption forms will be available for pick-up in the Guidance Office starting Wednesday , December 1st and are due to Mrs. Rivera on Friday, December 10h by 2 p.m.

    Upon receipt of email, counselors will confirm eligibility with teachers and provide a copy of the email to Mrs. Rivera for the student to be included on approved exam exemption report. 

    Early Exam Procedures

    • Early exams may NOT be given prior to Thursday , December 2, 2021.
    • Early exams should be scheduled between the teacher and the student, and may not be taken during regularly scheduled classtime.
    • Early exam applications will be available in the guidance office starting Monday November 29 and are due to Mrs. Rivera by  Thursday, December 2nd.
    • The cost for early exams is $7.50 per exam.



    1. Co-op Classes (BCE, DCT, DE) - Students will report to these classes for all periods assigned including their assigned job periods unless a completed work verification form is on file. One exam is required for the program with meaningful activities occurring during the remainder of the class periods.
    2. Multiple Period Vocational Classes - Students enrolled in a course for several periods will report to class for all periods. One exam is required for the program with meaningful activities occurring during the remainder of the class periods.
    3. Executive Internship - Students will report to their executive internship teacher during 5th period for their exams. Since this class is part of the Dual Enrollment Program, students may not exempt this exam. Students who have this course for 4th period will report to someone designated at your school for attendance purposes.
    4. Attendance - All students are expected to be in attendance during the examination period.





Exam Schedule 2021-2022