Tyrone Middle

Mark your calendars …
The Great American Teach-In is November 19, 2014!!

You have the power to enrich a child’s life in as little as an hour..

The Great American Teach- In is part of Pinellas County Schools’ annual education week celebration. This is an opportunity for you or anyone that you know to visit the school and share what you know with a new generation. This year’s event is scheduled for November 19, 2014. You may choose to stay for thirty minutes, an hour or all day. The amount of time that you volunteer is determined strictly by what your schedule permits.

Whatever the length of your visit, you can make a difference!
Please see download the form from the link below to sign up today.


This year’s event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 19, 2014, with a theme: “Shaping our future with Life Learned Lessons”. We are seeking individuals with dynamic personalities, as well as their insight on the importance of an education, hard work, and the determination to succeed no matter what the circumstance. Our goal during this educational experience is to provide a new perspective from the community that will inspire, motivate and stimulate our youth to think above and beyond their present stance.

Each year in Pinellas County Schools, Duke Energy hosts the Great American Teach-In which is the contribution of the thousands of volunteers who descend on schools for a day to share a piece of their lives with students. Pass this information along to a colleague, family member or friend, ask them to participate in this year’s event;
Help us maintain the strong heritage of Curlew Creek, together WE can make the difference! Take the time to make time…………..

Sign-up to share your talent, career, favorite trip, favorite activity, or even read to the students in your student’s class.