Messages from GED students to teachers at SPC Seminole:

    “Thank you so much for everything. I’m so glad I walked into your classroom! I appreciate you so much!”

    “Thank you for everything! I wouldn’t have done it without you, not just for the help with my school work but the friendship, the morning chats and the positive talks . I’m sorry I’m done because I will miss you, but you will see me every time I need help!"

    “I got accepted today into the accounting course (full-time) at Pinellas Technical College. I will be starting on October 21st.  Yeah!  Thanks for ALL the help!"

    “Thank you so much for not only being an awesome teacher but an awesome friend as well!”

    Letter from a GED student to a teacher at the Pinellas Hope Homeless Shelter:

    "I was in your GED class at Pinellas Hope.  I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did teaching me the math skills needed to pass the GED.  I have taken those skills to the next step at Pinellas Technical College where I am attending classes for machinist (tool maker).  Knowing how to calculate angles, lengths and circumferences plus many other calculations has been a great help.  I also use the Cartesian Coordinate System to program the CNC Machines.  Still quite a challenge turning X, Y and now Z coordinates into CNC Language which uses G, M and N codes along with the X, Y and Z's.  I never could have even tried to complete this course without those skills.  I know that teachers sometimes have a thankless job with some success and some failures of course, at your position as teacher in such an environment. So, I wanted you to know that I am forever grateful for your mentorship.  Awesome Job!! Thank you."

    Letter from a parent to GED teacher and administration staff at DHAEC:

    "Thank you for all of your help.  My daughter and I are so happy that we spoke with you.  You provided us with invaluable support and guidance.  She 

    passed the GED test and is waiting to receive her diploma in the mail!  

    She is also registered for classes this summer at SPC.  

    Most importantly, we are both very proud of her accomplishments and are living a life with much less stress now.  Since she was able to leave high school and work toward her goals, our relationship has improved and she has a much more positive outlook on life in general.  Thank you so much and please know that you really do make a very POSITIVE, powerful impact on the students (and their moms) that you touch."


    Letter to GED teachers at SPC Gibbs:
    "Dear Most Amazing Teachers Ever,
    I just wanted to thank you for caring enough to sit down with me at times and find ways to explain things in a way that we as students can understand, and for pushing us to receive our education.  I don't have a family, really.  I don't talk to my dad, never met my mother.  So to walk into an environment that feels caring and not institutional is a big change.  You're the best teachers I've ever gotten to work with.  It's your job, sure, but you don't just hand us books and packets like every other teacher I've encountered; you personally take your time to explain things to us.  A lot of children and teenagers don't appreciate their teachers, but I do for you preparing us and giving us tools for life.  I believe teachers are the unsung heroes of our country.  Without them, we would not have educated leaders.  Teachers such as yourselves build this country student by student and for that, I thank you." 
    Letter to GED teachers at the Pinellas Hope Homeless Shelter:
    "To my teachers, 
    I am a resident of "tent city", Pinellas Hope.  I am writing in gratitude for the opportunities I have received from this special organization.  Nine months ago, I found myself homeless, jobless, and with a very dark future. I hadn't had a job in two years. No one would give me the time of day. I entered the shelter in an attempt to straighten out my life. I was very fortunate to at least have a place to stay and basic needs met while I figured out all my problems.  One of the best things I was asked to do was go back to school after 30 years.  I couldn't imagine going back, but after four months of studying, I completed the class with TABE scores high enough for me to enroll in the culinary class at Pinellas Technical College I had always wanted. I am now working toward getting this certification and can't wait to add it to my resume, which will definitely open new doors for me. 
    Thank you so much.  You encouraged me and gave me the tools I needed.  This is a fantastic program.  Thank you for helping my future work out for the better."
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