• ELP Program 2020- 2021
    Anderson Yearbook Monday *application only* 8:00-8:45 5-111
    Leclerc/Sheehy Battle of the Books Tuesday   4:20-5:20PM 5-103
    Sheehy Open Computer Lab Wed   8:20:8:50AM Media Center
    Anderson Garden Club Wednesday   4:20-5:20PM 5-111
    Johnson, S Student Council 1st Friday   8:20:8:50AM 5-126
    Tauchnitz Open computer Lab Wednesday simultaneous 8:30-8:45AM 4-119
    Tauchnitz FBLA Monday   8:20-8:50AM 4-119
    Akers Visual Arts club Thursday   4:20-5:20PM 4-122
    Vogus / K.Hill Organization Club Monday   8:15-8:45 4-130
    Burkhart Math Tutoring Wed    8:00-8:45AM 4-205
    Burkhart Math Tutoring Wed   4:20-5:20PM 4-205
    Ehlers Math MyPCS Tue/Thur virtual only 8:05-8:50AM 5-209
    Jankowska Math Alg/Geo Wed/Friday    8:20-8:50AM 4-201
    Jankowska Math Alg/Geo Tue/Thur   4:20-5:20PM 4-201
    Steullet Math Tutoring Thur   8:05-8:50PM 5-210
    Steullet Math Tutoring Thur   4:20-5:20PM 5-210
    Walsh Math Tutoring Wed   4:10-5:10PM 5-123
    Berendt Science Thursday   4:20-5:20PM 4-209
    Drizd Science Tuesday  simultaneous 4:20-5:20PM 5-212
      TIPS TUTORING Starts Oct 12th      
    Jankowska Math Tips Wed Via Teams 5:30-6:30PM  
    Wright Reading Tips Thur Via Teams 5-6PM  
    * Students check in through the front office for morning clubs and tutoring and must be on time.  Students participating in MyPCS can only participate in the virtual offerings at this time. Students do not need to sign up in advance. Transportation is NOT provided. All students must have their own way to and from school.