Key Club




    Mission Statement:

    To improve our local and international communities by volunteering at a broad range of events addressing the societal issues at hand by cleaning up our local environment, assisting those in need of aid, producing cards to comfort soldiers and the elderly, and collaborating with other organizations hosting public events with the same vision of bettering the community.



    Please check the hour log for the 2018–19 school year here.

    2018–19 Application and Dues:

    Membership form



    When do we meet?

    The second Tuesday of every month in the Teaching Auditorium

    Bright Futures and CAS

    In order to use Key Club for either Bright Futures or CAS you must complete the respective proposal forms for either program. The required documents can be found on the school website.


    Board members for 2018-2019 School Year

    • - President- Kyle Nguyen
    • - Vice President – Sofia John
    • - Vice President 2 – Colette Kania
    • - Vice President 3 – Meera Patel
    • - Historian – Sonya Weidner
    • - Secretary -  Megan Sullivan
    • - Treasurer – Price Newsome
    • - Junior Representative – Austin Malpass
    • - Sophomore Representative – Justina John
    • - IB Representative – Chloe Buck
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