• CHANGE                                           

    Time for CHANGE.

    Clearwater High School offers a vibrant learning environment where students can personalize their path to a comprehensive education.

    CHANGE will be a unique academy on campus because of the total infusion of personalized learning from day one.

    CHANGE will begin a total paradigm shift away from traditional classroom teaching to a new, personalized rigorous educational process that empowers students to be successful in a global and multicultural society. This personalized learning program will feature:


    · Empowered, self-directed learning

    · Project-based study

    · Rigorous instruction

    · Authentic engagement

    · Collaborative learning technology

    · Blended core and elective courses

    · Flexible school day – no bell schedule

    · Teachers as mentors all four years

    · Individually tailored curriculum

    · College and career readiness

    · Integrated common core standards

    · Academy approach with industry certifications


    Empowered Learning Will Drive CHANGE.

    In this new culture, students will have exceptional ownership of the learning experience and their school environment.

    Students will create a learner profile that will be maintained through graduation. This profile will help monitor student interests, strengths and needs, and will guide the creation of the student’s curriculum choices and opportunities.

    Learning Advisors will help learners set, track, achieve, and reflect on their learning goals. They will also serve as college and career guides, helping each learner to become prepared for post-secondary options.

    Students will become very familiar with the standards and benchmarks for their courses of study to fully understand the depth of learning that needs to occur to achieve mastery of the content

    Allowing personal interests to determine the relevancy of course will create a desire for higher rigor. We expect that CHANGE students will exceed state averages on mandated testing, as well as on college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT.


    Project-Based Success. 

     A core team of trained teachers will design and facilitate multifaceted projects derived from the Common Core standards.

    The students will work collaboratively on these projects, mastering subject content as well as the crucial “soft skills” that are so essential in the 21st Century workplace.

    Students will use critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills to delineate the issues, research key information and select the best options. They will apply their acquired knowledge and skills to successfully and collectively achieve their goals.

    · Academic and behavioral agreements, reviewed and updated periodically

    · Early intervention for academic or behavioral concerns, with first step being a student analysis of the issue with a proposal for change

    · Peer Discipline Accountability Council


    Success Record for New Tech Schools.

     New Tech Network (NTN), a national non-profit organization, engages with public school districts to develop innovative schools.

    The New Tech Network Student Outcomes Report 2014 offers compelling evidence that public school innovation leads to success for students from diverse backgrounds, in rural, urban and suburban schools across the U.S.

    With over 100 high schools in 26 states, student achievement is their measure of success.

    High Tech schools outperform traditional schools in:

    · Engagement, empowerment, technical proficiency

    · Retention and graduation rates

    · Deep learning from freshman to senior years

    · College enrollment

    · College graduation

     Rigorous Learning