• Welcome to the Hospital/Homebound & Teleschool Program. 

    I am Suzette Burns, the new adminstrator here at Coachman Service Center where these programs are based.  I am in my 29th year with Pinellas County Schools and was most recently the Principal of Sexton Elementary prior to accepting this position.  My background and passion is working with students who have unique learning challenges and needs.  I spent 12 years in the classroom working with students with special needs and even in my 13 years as an administrator, I was always drawn to students who needed extra support to be successful.  It is my belief that all students can learn and our job is to help them discover the joy of learning with strategies that help them achieve success at whatever level they are working.  I hope that you will feel free to contact me should you need any support or to share celebrations in learning as well.  


    Suzette Burns, Ed.S


    Hospital/Homebound & Teleschool Program

    727-669-1221 ext 2020