Questions for Career Speakers

    Why did you choose this job?

    How many years do people typically spend working in this field?

    How many more years do you plan on working at your job?

    What do you enjoy most about your job?

    What is your favorite thing about your typical day?

    What are some of the different types of jobs in your field of work?

    How much of your work is physical and how much mental?

    What certifications, talents or education is needed to do your job well?

    Does your job seem exciting to you?

    How much opportunity is there for travel? 

    Are there any limitations on your personal and/or social life because of the nature of work?

    What are the best jobs in your field?

    What is the average beginning salary and maximum salary?

    What are some other interesting jobs that might be related to yours?

    What job would you choose if you did not pick what you do now?

    What do you think are going to be good jobs in the future?

    What are some things you don’t like about your job

    Can both men and women do your job the same?

    What are the opportunities for advancements in your field?

    What do you enjoy most of your job?


    Build a Basic Resume


    Full Name

    Address - Phone - Email – Twitter (list only the numbers you use)


    Objective: What do you want, have and offer. Example: Seeking a retail position where my excellent customer service and communication skills will support business success.



    ·  List 2 to 4 work- or school-related achievements

    ·  May include involvement in events or big projects that you completed

    ·  Include results if possible

    ·  Example:  As part of a project team, used recycled materials to create an accurate, life-sized model of the human skeleton that made learning easier in Anatomy class.



    List your most current work experience first

    List company, position, location and years worked (from when to when)

    Provide a brief description of the hardest parts of your job

    List volunteer jobs if they were truly jobs – like junior camp counselor for the summer or volunteer lifeguard for a season


    Education & Certifications

    Clearwater High School, Clearwater, FL, est. graduation June 201X (your year)

    ·  List any special classes you have taken (Chinese, Accounting, Statistics, etc)

    ·  List any certifications you have achieved (Office, Lifeguard, Safe Serve)