• Gibbs High School Cohort Clerks

    These staff are the point of contact for students when absent or tardy, for forms related to school and for parents to contact their child during the school day.
       Front Desk    
    Mrs. Miller
    Ext. 2195
     Attendance & Clerical Support
    Attendance & Clerical Support
    Attendance & Clerical Support
     Portrait of Ms. Spivey
    Mrs. Cassandra Spivey
    9th Grade
    Ext. 2500
    Ms. Cummings
    Mrs. Pamela Cummings
    10th & 11th Grades
    Ext. 2207
    Mrs. Sandy Pelletier
    10th and 12th Grades
    Ext. 2017

    BETA Secretary & Clerk 

    PCCA Secretary & Clerk 


     Portrait of Ms. Feazell
    Ms. Alicia Feazell
    Ext. 2033
    Portrait of Ms. Gilbert
    Mrs. LaTasha Gilbert
    Ext. 2031