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    Every month, the Rotary Club of Largo rewards a Student of the Month with a Certificate, lunch with Rotary Members at Alfonso's, and a $25 gift card.  These students were nominated by their teachers using these suggested guidelines including but not limited to:

    ·       A student who has exhibited great improvement in work habits or who has shown increased respectful or responsible behavior

    ·        A student who has a terrific attitude/improved attitude exhibiting respect for others

    ·        A student who has assisted a classmate or staff member

    ·        A student who has exhibited sensitivity toward another student

    ·        A student who deserves recognition for a special deed or accomplishment related to respect and/or responsibility

    2015-16 Winners 

    Rotary Students of the Month
    Gehrig Coletti, Kristopher Mnich, Daniel Barranco-Alonso
    September - Allison Berger, 6th Grade
    October - Jonah Van Zandt, 7th Grade
    November - Mackenzie Balcarce, 8th Grade
     Rotary Students of the Month
    2014-15 Winners
    September - Daisy Stephens, 6th Grade
    October -  Javonni Jones, 7th Grade
    November -  Kirsten Lingerfelt, 8th Grade
    December - Koby Manning, 6th Grade
    January - Paulina Garcia, 7th Grade
    February - Tess Zitouni, 8th Grade
    March - John Dang, 8th Grade
    April - Angelica Alvarez, 7th Grade
    May - Deborah Hasani, 6th Grade

    Congratulations to all of our Students of the Month!