Azalea Middle School Quick Reference for Parents


    School Office Hours: 8:30 – 5:00. Student hours are 9:30 – 4:00


    Students may arrive on campus after 9:00. All students may receive a free breakfast in the cafeteria. Students who do not ride buses must be on campus by 9:20 to be served.


    School lunches. All students will receive free lunch. You do not need to complete an application form. You may still put money on your child’s account for a la carte items such as cookies, chips, pizza, smoothies, etc. Go to: https://www.pcsb.org > Departments > Food Service


    All concerns should be brought to those closest to the situation, starting with individual teachers, and then followed by the grade level offices. Teacher emails can be found on the school website. If the appropriate staff does not resolve concerns, the matter should be brought to Dr. Lowery’s attention. To get assistance with questions or concerns contact these staff members:


    6th grade office:

    Clerk: Kelly Cairns: Ext. 2096,  CAIRNSK@PCSB.ORG

    School Counselor: Latiki Poole, Ext. 2088,  POOLELA@PCSB.ORG

    Assistant Principal: Erin Overall, Ext. 2098,  OVERALLE@PCSB.ORG


    7th grade office:

    Clerk: Sheryl Roberson: Ext. 2071,   ROBERSONS@PCSB.ORG

    School Counselor:  Alison Penna, Ext. 2061,   PENNAA@PCSB.ORG

    Assistant Principal: Jason Dudczak , Ext. 2073,   DUDCZAKJ@PCSB.ORG


    8th Grade and Gateway to Technology office:

    Clerk: Yolanda Davis: Ext. 2041,  DAVISY@PCSB.ORG 

    School Counselor: Julie MacNeal Ext. 2051,  MACNEALJ@PCSB.ORG

    Assistant Principal: Robyn Oyer, Ext. 2049,  OYERRO@PCSB.ORG


    Front Office:


    Community Involvement Assistant: Joyce Jackson, Ext. 2001, JACKSONJOY@PCSB.ORG


    Data Management Technician: Melanie Finkley, Ext. 2008, finkleym@pcsb.org


    Principal’s Secretary: Paula Smith, Ext. 2003, SMITHPAULAL@PCSB.ORG


                Principal: Solomon Lowery, Ext. 2003, lowerys@pcsb.org



    All bullying concerns should be reported at http://bullying.pcsb.org. Grade level guidance counselors and assistant principals investigate and respond to every logged incident.


    SAC  meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m.


    PTSA meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.




    The school website is: https://www.pcsb.org/azalea-ms


    Current Contact Information: It is critical that you maintain current address, email and phone information in Portal. If you need to make a change of email or phone number, log in to Portal > Student Reservations. If you need to make a change of address, please bring proof of address such a utility bill or lease to the school.


    Transportation concerns: Ms. Finkley (Ext. 2008) will direct families to the appropriate school or district level individual to resolve concerns.