• Speech & Debate Club


    The mission of Speech and Debate is to teach and empower students to hold well-reasoned debates with their peers; to provide a platform for students to compete in a professional debate environment; and to improve student critical thinking and confidence in public speaking.

    Parent Involvement:

    PHUHS cannot have a successful Speech & Debate team without the support of our parents and the community.  We kindly ask for your support by becoming Level 1 and Level 2 parent volunteers. Parents can register to become volunteers here https://asd.pcsb.org/schoolwiresforms/volunteer/

    Parent support is needed for our students to compete in Speech & Debate tournaments. Parents are strongly encouraged to become judges at tournaments because students cannot compete unless they bring judges to add to the judging pool. Parents can access training materials from the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) https://www.speechanddebate.org/judge-training/ and Florida Gulf Coast Catholic Forensic League (FGCCFL) https://www.fgccfl.net/home/judge-training/register. Our parent judges will need to create a judge account on Tabroom https://www.tabroom.com/ so that the judge account and be linked to our school.


    National Speech & Debate (NSDA) Coach for 2022-23:


    Sponsor(s) for 2022-23:


    Classroom Host for 2022-23 (as needed):



    Every Monday in room 04-220. Every third meeting of the month is a virtual meeting, held over Zoom.

    Club Dues:

    $15 (subject to change)  

    Additional Fees for tournament entry & judges

    Remind code:




    National Speech & Debate Association https://www.speechanddebate.org/

    Florida Gulf Coast Catholic Forensic League https://www.fgccfl.net/home/