Students Targeted for Educational Performance (S.T.E.P.)

  • Program Coordinator Allyshia Scott

    The mission of the STEP (Students Targeted for Educational Performance) program is to provide a school-based support structure for minority students in order to optimize academic achievement through encouragement, support, and guidance. S.T.E.P. Core beliefs: 1. Challenging expectations raise performance. 2. Students, parents, and coordinators share responsibility for achieving the program’s mission. 3. A supportive environment encourages minority students to pursue rigorous academic goals. 4. A system to ensure equality of opportunities for student learning promotes a strong learning community. 5. Effective communication builds a culture that supports system thinking.

    The standards used for participation in this program are:

    • Honor Roll Status
    • FSA scores to be level 3 in Reading and Math

    STEP focus will be based on College/Career Exploration in addition to discussions about Career preparation your child will:

    • Attend on going monthly meetings with STEP Coordinator.
    • Participate in activities and discussions identifying future dreams, and researching college/career resources.
    • Participate in annual STEP social/celebration if grades and behavior meet criteria


    In Pinellas County Schools, minority enrollment in advanced level courses is not representative when compared to the number of minority students enrolled in schools. Many honors, foreign language, AP, or dual enrolment courses have no minority students. The goal of this program is to increase the number of capable minority students enrolled in challenging courses by creating a positive, supportive educational environment.