Academy for Innovation at Meadowlawn

  • Academy for Innovation at Meadowlawn

    Academy for Innovation at Meadowlawn

    Our Mission: The Academy for Innovation at Meadowlawn (AIM) seeks to engage students in rigorous problem and inquiry based learning. An emphasis is placed on meeting each student’s individual needs while maintaining a relationship with parents and the community.

    Our Vision: Our vision is to create an atmosphere where every student gains the skills and characteristics necessary for success in high school and beyond.

    Description: The Academy for Innovation at Meadowlawn (AIM), is a non-traditional school-within-a-school program that will be starting at Meadowlawn Middle School in the fall of 2016. AIM is focused on the idea of personalized learner paths.  Students will create their own learning through the completion of projects and inquiry strands that play on their strengths and interests. This allows them to explore the endless array of tools and technology available to them. Teachers act as coaches and facilitators, while students complete coursework at a flexible/personalized pace. This allows them more time to focus on subjects in which they need additional support. AIM will concentrate heavily on student-driven inquiry, providing 1:1 technology access, real-world projects, elective pathways and certifications. Teacher coaching is provided to ensure that students are not simply learning, but discovering how to learn.

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