Fitness Fridays!

  • Fridays ~ 7:35 – 8:05

    C’mon Out
    Get Walking
    Get Healthy

    Students, parents, and staff. All are welcome! North Shore is committed to the health and wellness of our families, friends, and staff.


    Introducing the North Shore Wednesday Walking Club. This is for everyone to get out on campus and walk. We will have a lap set up on campus for participants to follow. Students will be able to earn rewards for miles they have walked.


    All are welcome or you can bring your student and drop them off. Supervision will be provided.

    Contact Ms. Turek, Physical Education teacher, for further information.

    Student Rewards


    All students will receive a necklace and charm when they begin.


    Earn as you walk:

    5 miles = toe token

    25 miles = large toe token

    50 miles = wrist band