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    This academy will prepare students for employment in a variety of occupations in the hospitality industry. The program will focus on broad, transferable skills and understanding of the elements in the industry. Students will take academy focused elective courses each school year following a pathway toward a future in the world of event planning, hospitality & travel management, sports & entertainment, travel planning, and more. Students will participate in field trips, have experiences with qualified guest speakers, complete exciting projects, and work in a job in their field of interest.


    Did you know?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that U.S. employment in tourism and hospitality will rise through 2020. As perhaps the world’s largest industry, hospitality and tourism is vastly varied offering a meaningful application for almost every skill set and interest area, which includes computers and marketing.

    As a career path, hospitality and tourism also offers an opportunity to become a manager or owner.


    Hospitality & Tourism… today’s hottest career field! These careers include:

    • Event Planning and Management

    • Hospitality Management

    • Sports & Entertainment

    • Business Management

    • Human Resources

    • Travel Planning

    • Marketing

    • Nutrition & Wellness

    • Food Prep / Food Science


    Why should you join an academy?


    The most important reason to join is for students to be a part of a group who will share their interests and desires to learn about a specific career field. Students have experiences from engaging course studies and internships to prepare them for their future endeavors.


    Joining a career academy will give students the opportunity to earn college credits and industry certifications along with becoming involved in the local community.


    Each academy will meet graduation requirements as well as prepare students for the competitive job market in our global economy.


    Make a choice that will benefit your future.


    The St. Petersburg High School Hospitality and Tourism Academy (AOHT) prepares students for employment in a variety of occupations in the hospitality industry. This program will focus on broad, transferable skills and understanding of the elements of the industry. AOHT is more than a set of elective courses; it is a team of dedicated administrators, teachers, counselors and students working together on real-world projects.


    FBLA WEBSITE - St. Petersburg High School -- Future Business Leaders of America


    What is an example course schedule for an academy student?





    English 1

    Foreign Language / Elective

    Digital Information Technology

    Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism**






    World History

    English 2

    Foreign Language / Elective

    Technology for Hospitality & Tourism**

    Hope / Elective





    US History

    English 3

    Travel & Tourism Marketing & Management**

    Foreign Language / Elective

    OJT / Internship





    English 4

    US Government & Economics

    Hospitality & Tourism Entrepreneurship**

    Internship / OJT

























    **Completing these courses will allow students to be eligible for the Gold Seal scholarship. 

    Recommended Electives include: AP Geography, Nutrition & Wellness, Food Prep, Food Science & two years of world language by senior year. 

    Summer internship hours must be 144 hours for 1/2credit and 288 for 1 credit. 



    Contacts at SPHS
    Sarah Reed    727-893-1842,