• Summer Learning LOSS!!!

     Between the end of the school year and the beginning of the next, a scholar loses (on average) 2 months worth of reading skills!

    Our scholars are encouraged to read, solve math problems, and more.
    Jamerson has a Summer Reading Log Program and Smiley Face Math Program for our scholars to do over the break.  Other ways you can help your child is by taking trips to the local libraries, bringing books with you to the parks, beaches, and on trips, and encouraging your child to read in the morning (because they are use to learning at this time of day).

    STOP the Lazy Dazy Blues!

    Students also lose physical fitness during the summer due to not having P.E. every day.  You can incorporate fitness into your summer plans by signing your child up for a local team sport, encouraging new outside skills or sports, and taking your child on walks or walking tours throughout the city, beaches, and/or on trips.

    Techy Fun Time!

    Using technology encourages summer learning with the right programs and, of course, keeping it to a limited amount of time!  There are many educational games that promote vital skills like critical thinking and problem solving.  These games make it valuable for the summer learner to "play games."
    You could challenge your students to get new high scores on their educational games, start robotics projects together, fix their own bicycle, make their own toys by researching it on the web, or do something as simple as learning and practicing their typing skills.

    Please do your part to help discourage summer brain drain!