PreK Supply Wish List 2017-2018

  • PreK Wish List


    Regular sized backpack (no little backpacks please)

    2 two-pocket folders (1 red; 1 yellow)


    Travel size pillow and case

    Diapers - preferably Velcro pull-ups (if applicable)

    Wipes (if applicable)

    3 cans sensitive skin shaving cream ($.98 at Walmart)

    Playdoh (name brand please)

    Short dry erase markers with felt eraser (pack of 3 - dollar tree)

    Lysol wipes

    3 mm Laminating pouches (200 count Crystal clear on Amazon)

    Velcro (Velcro brand at least 20 feet...Walmart)

    Mini hole punch (squeeze with fingertips - Walmart)


    For Homework

    1 pack of UNO cards

    1 Go Fish card game (characters on cards should match as well as number)

    Dry erase surface

    8.5 x 11 blank calendar (can be created on computer)

    Magnet letters (I have at least one set for everyone, but if your child has repeating letters in his or her name, you may need more than one set...brand doesn't matter, just safe size) Walmart does have a 120 piece letters and number does not have to be this one, but the capital "I" is correct with lines on top and bottom.


    Blank paper to color and write (you can also do activity coloring books)