• Last year the Pinellas Park Elementary Physical Education program was excited to have a new team of coaches. Coach Koster, Coach Croissant, and Coach Coghlan got together to bring a fresh approach to P.E. for the PPE Bears. The purpose of our program is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and attitude to participate and be physically fit and active using a wide variety of experiences to develop skills for success. We accomplish these goals by designing units such as bowling, kickball, jump rope, soccer, parachute, and many others. These units provide our students with the opportunities to express themselves while they build their confidence and competence in the building blocks of physical activities in a safe and encouraging environment. Our program has grown thanks to a grant from the Pinellas Education Foundation’s Their generosity has helped us create many new units for the PPE Bears and we are excited to continue this growth as we continue through the school year.