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SPLASH Program 

The SPLASH (Spanish Language Academy for School and Home) program is a dedicated and quality early-learning Spanish program offered after school at select locations around Pinellas County. Benefits of learning another language include: broadening of our students' understanding of other cultures, strengthening grammatical skills in all languages (including English), and giving students an applicable skill in our modern, globalized world.
Maximo is one of the few schools that offers the after school SPLASH program, which was developed by Pinellas County Spanish teachers with the district's Office of World Languages.  The class size is limited to 18 students, and is first offered to 5th grade students. Students must fill out an application at the beginning of the year, and then meet every Tuesday in the music room from 4:00-5:00 pm for their lesson. Later in the week, the students practice what they learned in class at home via email links that the instructor sends home. 
The instructor for Maximo is Miss Tamara Sine, the school's music director. Miss Sine's knowledge of the language has brought her to Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, and Honduras, and she has family that lives in Nicaragua.  
Please know that learning a second language fluently takes many years of exposure.  However, having a positive experience early in your child's education offers a foundation for future studies.  Our goal is to have your child working at the "Novice Low" level in interpersonal communication.  The "I Can" Statement for the Novice Low is:  I can communicate on some very familiar topics using single words and phrases that I have practiced and memorized.

Some Features of the Program:

  • Uses only Spanish to provide instruction and activities which enable students to naturally acquire functional language skills
  • Integrates a variety of language development activities with the elementary curriculum, resulting in meaningful language practice which enhances overall student cognitive growth
  • Seeks to use the Spanish language and culture as a vehicle to accomplish Maximo's vision of "100% student success"

Recommended Spanish Language Sites

(in addition to the resources already provided in the program):
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Spanish activities and games. Go to Quia Web-Students-Spanish to access Spanish Activities

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