• Found on Google Images  Sponsor: Officer Boyd & Officer Rivera
    Student Presidents: TBA
    Meets:Every first Wednesday of the month
    Time:  2:00 PM
    Location: Officer Boyd's office
    Important Information: The Lakewood Spartan Pals Program is a Co-ed program that assists the school's administration and SRO(School Resource Officer) in a safe and crime free environment.
    In order to be considered for membership in Lakewood Spartan Pals Program, an applicant must meet the following criteria:
    1.) Must be a student at Lakewood High School.
    2.) Must be a member of the next year's junior or senior class.
    3.) Must be willing to actively participate in Spartan PALS responsibilities and activities
                                        *Assisting in the front office to include visitor sign-in
                                        *School monitors, being the eyes and ears for Lakewood High School
                                        *Assisting as monitors for school sporting events