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Hello, Parents. This is Principal Freeman.  We have some very exciting events happening at Pinellas Park Elementary School.  On Monday, Sept. 19th from 5-7 PM we are hosting school spirit night at Chick-fil-A at Parkside.  Mark your calendar for Tuesday, Sept. 28th—Dads Bring Your Kids to School Day.  We are encouraging dads, step dads, uncles, grandpas, brothers, male role models to come to watch a martial arts presentation then join the children for breakfast in the café.  On Sept. 29th our Superintendent Dr. Grego is hosting an Attendance Awareness Rally with our Bears.  Dr. Grego recognizes the importance of attendance, and wants to support Pinellas Park Elementary in improving our attendance.  I am sad to say that we in the bottom 5 for attendance—meaning we have one of the highest rates of tardies, absences and early dismissal in the county.  Parents—this is on YOU to improve.  Our social worker, Mrs. Weber, is here to help, but it really does start at home.

I would like to congratulate our students in the north car circle.  We have challenged them to a silent dismissal, and the kids are stepping up.  You will see the adults using the microphone less & less as the kids take on the responsibility of watching for their cars or parents.  By the way, where are the student car & walker tags?  Remember, for safety purposes you are to have the tag in your car or with you at the gate. 

Parents, we encourage you to get engaged in your child’s education and the first step is to have your child at Pinellas Park Elementary seated and ready to learn by 8:30 AM every day, and to permit your child to continue his/her learning until 3:05 PM.  Remember attendance is closely monitored. Come on, help us move from red to green on our monthly attendance report.

Go Bears!



Lisa Freeman


Pinellas Park Elementary