• Dunedin Elementary School Conversation Class for Parents

    While their children are in class at Dunedin Elementary, parents for whom English is a second language are attending class there too.
    Each Tuesday from 8:35 – 10 AM these parents are learning to improve their English in a fun, informal conversation class. Children are welcome.
    The free, drop-in classes are taught by two volunteers from the Literacy Council of Upper Pinellas. The students have conversations, play games such as Bingo, Jeopardy, and Go Fish, and engage in other fun activities to help increase vocabulary, comprehension, reading skills, listening skills, and speaking ability.
    The class is intended to give parents basic English conversation skills, not to replace their native languages. The teachers encourage the parents to help their children retain their native languages at home while they are learning English at school.
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     ESL Parent Conversation Class First Anniversary

    The Dunedin Elementary School ESL Parent Conversation Class celebrated our first anniversary at the school last week. We honored four students who have participated the entire year. We have had students from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Dominican Republic join the class.

    Parents who are learning English meet at the school each Tuesday from 8:30 – 10 AM with Literacy Council of Upper Pinellas volunteers Linda Grimshaw and Susanne Carter who co-teach the class.
    During the past year we have talked about food, clothing, feelings, holidays, our students' home countries and customs, pronouns (with the help of Minions), prepositions, and school-related topics. We play interactive games to keep it light and fun. Go Fish and Bingo are favorites! Any parent learning English as a second language is welcome to join us. Children are also welcome.
    ESL Club Anniversary    ESL Club Anniversary   ESL Club Anniversary