2017-2018 Principal’s Partners for Excellence
    Double Eagle
    Double Eagle Fishing
    Partner to Mrs. Elerick and Mrs. Dang
    2017-2018 School Partners
    After Hours
    After Hours Pediatrics Urgent Care http://www.afterhourspediatrics.com/
    Partner to Mrs. D'Azzo, Mrs. Gerber, and Mrs. Lattanzio
    Bivens Ortho
    Bivens Orthodontics http://www.bivensortho.com/
    Partner to Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. D'Azzo, Mrs. Gerber, and Mrs. Lattanzio
    Partner to Mrs. Acerra, and Mrs. Kypriotakis
    Bisson Family – Partner to Ms. Kabot and Mrs. Elerick
    Meachum Family – Partner to Mrs. Bitetzakis, Ms. Sinos, and Mrs. Larson
    Swoager Family – Partner to Mrs. Skelton and Mrs. Pages
    nolan's Nolan’s Pub http://nolanspub.com/ 
    Partner to Mrs. Nadig, Ms. Buckler and Mrs. Rodgerson
    2017-2018 Classroom Partners
    American Rock School  http://www.americanrockschool.com/    Partner to Mrs. Larson     

    Davis Family  Partner to MsKabot, Mrs. Pages, and Mrs. Skelton

    Galeano Orthodontics https://www.galeanoortho.com/     Partner to Mrs. Merrer      

    Anne and Paul Kluga – Partner to Mrs. Armanious

    Pediatric Dentistry of Westchase  http://www.westchasepedo.com/   Partner with Mrs. Nadig

    Karen Scangarello – Partner to Mrs. Bitetzakis

    Smart Start Pre-Prep   http://www.smartstartpreprep.com/   Partner to Mrs. Skelton and Mrs. Pages

    Heather and Jeff Smith - Partner to Mrs. Alex and Ms. O'Donnell

    Mike and Deb Tierney – Partner to Mrs. Pages, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Skelton

    Chuck and Janet Ufondu – Partner Mrs. Papamichael, PE: Coach D and Coach Rexford, and Art: Ms. Little