• Rebel Records Club
  • Rebel Records is a music production and songwriting club. It is a collective of musically creative individuals, including student musicians, vocalists, instrumentalists, recording artists, producers, recording engineers, mixers, songwriters, lyricists, and anyone else interested in creating new music. The purpose of this club is to provide the space, resources, organizational environment, and guidance for students interested in making their own music and collaborating with other students. Student producers oversee song projects and help connect students with relevant talents to each project. For example, someone who is a vocalist gets connected with a project that is need of a vocalist, and the student who produces beats gets connected with a student who writes lyrics or raps, and so on. Students come to the club with their own unique talents and experience , and we try to help the students utilize those talents as part of various collaborative song projects. The Overarching goal of the club is to produce an album of student work by the end of the school year. In addition, students may organize live performances of their work either on or off campus (for example, short performances in the courtyard during lunch).
     Sponsor: Nick Stefanic
     Club President: Sidney Wright
     Vice President: Jaire Harrell
     Secretary: TBD
     Treasurer: TBD
     Zack Chamberland, Aleigha Everitt
    Jade Mach, Eoin Olswold, Jake Sloan 
     Meeting Locations: Room 303
    We meet weekly on Thursdays @ 2:15 - 3:45