• SEM Enrichment Clusters

    What are Enrichment Clusters? Enrichment Clusters are one piece of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM). Enrichment Clusters are non-graded groups of students and adults who share a common interest. These groups are student-driven and teacher facilitated learning experiences where students apply advanced content and authentic methods to research, create, collaborate and design a product, a performance or service based on the specific interest.

     2017-2018 Enrichment Clusters

    Smile Makers

    Are you kind?  Do you like to make people smile?  Do you want to perform Random Acts of Kindness?  We can be the reason someone smiles today!


    Do you enjoy music, pounding out a beat or making your own tune? Then the Drumming cluster is for you! We will explore bucket drumming, African drumming and make some drums of our own!

    Check Mate

    Did you know that CHESS is one of the most popular games in the WORLD?  Join us to explore everything about chess; from lingo to strategies, from the history of it to the benefits of it.  Maybe you will even discover the Chess Champion in you!!

    The Entertainers

    Do you like to perform for others?  Do you like to write short plays?  Do you like to design and create costumes and theater sets?  We’ll learn how to read plays and readers theater and try writing and performing some of our very own!

    Power of Mind and Body

    Let's discover the secret to being powerful.  Join us as to learn how to strengthen the power within you to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals. In this cluster we will explore how to strengthen our bodies and mind and learn the importance of exercise and how to be healthy.

    Code Breakers: The Art of Coding

    Have you always wanted to create your own game using code? Come and learn not only what coding means, but how it relates to real-life and more importantly, how to do it yourself. You can explore how coding works in different careers and create your own coding masterpiece to share with friends and family! #coding-is-life

    Reading Crusaders

    Do you love books? What is your favorite author and book? Let’s highlight what makes them great! It is time to spread our passion for reading with others.

    Fitness Fanatics

    Do you like to be active? Do you dream of being a professional athlete or starring in your own workout video? Would you like to invent ways to get you and your friends moving more? In this cluster, we will explore how to strengthen our bodies and learn the importance of exercise and how to be healthy.

    Hollywood Directors

    Do you love video production?  Create a video of your choice to be entered into a district-wide competition against other elementary schools in the county.  We will work together to learn how to choose a topic, plan the board, and create and edit the video.

    I’m Hooked

    Learn to crochet and discover all its possibilities! We will explore different materials and uses, all with the goal of sharing our creations with others! Let’s make some beautiful things together!


    Do you love video games? Do you love Minecraft? Don’t just play video games…make them!!! Come and learn how to make your own video games and learn about careers that involve gaming and coding. You can even create your own video game to share with friends and family!

    Sign Language

    Can you really speak without using your voice? Come and listen with your eyes and let your fingers do the talking in this enrichment cluster. Learn American Sign Language through both words and song. What do you think we should do with our new language?

    The Restauranteurs

    Would you like to explore the Art of Cooking or how to plan and prepare for a Dining Experience?  How about table setting and creating your own menu? Join the The Restauranteurs” cluster to learn how to plan, prepare and capture The Dining Experience.    

    Step On Up

    Enjoy marching to the beat of your own making? Then STEPPING is for you! Come join us to make our own beat with steps, claps and showmanship…and have a blast while we are doing it!