Fishing Club Goings-on

     Welcome to the Gibbs High School Fishing Club
     Fishing Club
      The Fishing Club started at Gibbs High School in 2016 and is welcome to all students at Gibbs High School. Students in the club learn the importance of friendship and family through fishing activities. Students will meet once a month to learn different aspects of fishing such as: throwing a cast net; how to tie knots; which lures to use; and all rules and regulations of fishing. The Fishing Club also has tournaments once a month at different locations for all students who are interested in participating. There are two forms that students have to have fill out in order to be eligible to participate in the events. The Fishing Club provides equipment and bait for students to use during the outings. If you are interested please see me Mr. Machado in student services. The club is always in need of drivers for future trips –if anyone is interested please see Mrs. McElroy to sign up.


    Let’s Go Fishing!

    Mr. Machado, Aundre Freeman & SPP officer handing donation over to fishing club.  
    Friday, January 12, 2018
     Oh, Mr. Machado is good. Somehow he managed to finagle a donation from the St. Petersburg Police Department, (in the amount of $1,000!), for his fishing club. Congratuations to the team members, and a great big thank you to the SPPD!