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     Syllabus & Procedures 2017-2018

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    Quarter 2, 2018.....Test dates are tentative
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    Formulas through Ch 5

    12/23 - 1/8    


    FRQs 2015 #1 a,b,c....#5 a,b,c...#6 a,b,c

    FRQs 2015

    2014 #1 a,b....#5 a,c....

    2014 FRQ

    You can use a calculator on #1 for both years. The solutions can easily be found online for these. We have learned how to solve these already so make sure you're comfortable with these.

    On the Wednesday we get back, I'll be looking to see both your work on and the corrections in a different color. That'll be your first grade of the 3rd quarter.  

    Also: It might be (and by might be, I mean would be (and by would be, I mean that you should)) pick up an AP Calculus AB 2018 Prep book over the break. Princeton Review is excellent.  It's $15 on Amazon. We'll start using this a ton starting February 15th. 

    Don't go the entire break without practicing your math, start flipping through the Test Prep book.

           ***ATTENTION: New homework policy starting 2nd semester...and this pertains to any assignment from the Textbook...each assignment IS required, but the amount of problems you do is OPTIONAL.  As you did with the midterm review: however many problems it takes you to be comfortable with the material, you do and turn that in.  A recommended amount of problems will be assigned on the website, but you do what you think to be successful and to retain the information.  Also, these homework problems from the textbook are "AP caliber"/ "AP type" problems but because they don't have the multiple choice options, they don't appear to be of the same rigor. I wouldn't assign them if I didn't think they were beneficial to you.   
    1/8 6.1 Definite Integral Again Read Section 6.1 (p299-303) and do Page 304: 1-17 odd #1 and #3 - don't do the 30 subdivisions 
     1/9 6.2  Functions Defined by Integrals   Page 304: 4, 8, 12, 16; Page 312 1, 2, 5, 6 #4 - don't do the 30 subdivisions 
    1/10  6.3   The Fundamental Theorem Again  Page 318: 1-11, 13, Page 325: 6, 9, 16, 18, 19, 21, 23  
    1/11      FRQs   
    1/12      FRQs   
     1/15   MLK  NO SCHOOL   
     1/16  6.4  Areas of plane regions pg 324 1-21 odds  (*I'd be sure that I did numbers 19 & 21...just saying)

    Area under the curve (excellent)

    Area between two curves (also excellent!) 

     1/17      work day 6.4  
     1/18 (R)     Review Accumulation and Area between curves   
    1/19 (F)     

    Mini test on the above topics 

    Accumulation... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MBkSFPBXoTw

     1/22 (M)  7.1 Antiderivatives  Page 332: 1-30 ALL due Wednesday 1/25 

    Introduction to Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integration (No Trig)

    The Antiderivative

    Ex 1: Determine Antiderivatives

    Ex 2: Determine Antiderivatives

    Ex 3: Determine Antiderivatives

    Ex 4: Determine Antiderivatives

    Ex 5: Determine Antiderivatives

    Ex 1: Antiderivative Concept - Given Information about f(x), Describe F(x)

    Ex 2: Antiderivative Concept - Given Information about f(x), Describe F(x)

    Ex: Find the Particular Solution to a Basic Differential Equation

    Basic Antiderivatives of Trigonometric Functions 

    1/23 (T)  7.1     review of Friday's test, continue working on 7.1   
    1/24 (W)   7.2   U - Substitution

    Brief Antiderivatives quiz.  

    Pg 342 1-18 all, 21



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     Chapter 6

    Chapter 7



    Solutions to the above Textbook PDF (to check your homework and an aid when you are stuck):

     Chapter 6 Solutions

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