Physical Education




    Teachers:  J. Kewin, J. Seib, S. Fox


    The 2019/20 school year is here! Our challenge this year is to improve our fitness test scores and to provide successes within our Developmental Physical Education Curriculum.

    A physical educated person is one who:

    1. Has learned the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities

    2. Participates regularly in physical activity

    3. Is physically fit

    4. Knows the implication of the benefits from involvement in physical activities

    5. Values physical activity and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle


    We will communicate physical education news items to you by way of the regular school newsletter. Our fitness testing will be done in the fall and spring.


    Our specific physical education requirements are as follows:


    1. DRESS: an athletic type, tied, velcroed or buckled shoe with a rubber non-skid sole is the appropriate shoe because of the safety factor. NO ELEVATED SNEAKERS, FLIP FLOPS, BACKLESS OR OPEN TOED SANDALS,

    CROCS, PLATFORMS, CLEATS, SLIDES, HIGH HEELED SHOES OR BOOTS, JELLIES, DRESS SHOES OR SKATE SHOES ARE PERMITTED. Time is not allotted to change clothes or shoes at school so whatever your child wears to school will be his/her dress for P.E. class. Girls need to wear shorts under their skirts and dresses. Due to a safety concern we are requesting that loose shorts and slacks be worn with a belt.


    2. MEDICAL: special medical restrictions for extended periods of time (severe allergies, broken bones, asthma, heart conditions, etc.) require a physician’s note and should be on file in your child’s school records and on the physical education form. A medical form has been sent home for you to fill out with any medical concerns that you have. If there are no concerns we still need the form filled out and returned. You may mark N/A if there aren’t any or just leave it blank.


    3. EXCUSES: a note from parents will be honored on the day of the request. After five consecutive days of absences or parental excuse notes, a physician’s note may be required. Your child will be expected to join the class outside and observe the activity unless stated in the

    note. Children with an extended injury or illness will need a physician’s note to RE-ENTER participation into the physical education program.


    4. GRADES: The Physical Education Department will be emphasizing fitness and noncompetitive activities. Student

    participation, striving to learn the skills and using proper conduct is the main focus of the program.


    The following system will be used to determine the student’s grade for conduct.

    E 0 checks

    V 1-2checks

    S 3-4 checks

    N 5-6 checks

    U 7 or more checks


    Students with no checks at the end of the grading period will earn a certificate from the Physical Education department. On a daily basis students may earn Tickets to Success for following our Eagle Guidelines to Success individually or as a class.



    Students in grades K-2 are tested for height and weight.

    Students in grades 3 -5 are tested for curl ups, PACER , pushups, sit and reach, trunk lift ,height and weight, standing long jump and vertical jump.

    Students in grades K-2 will have skill testing for hopping on both feet, skipping, throwing and catching a ball above their head, throwing and catching to a teacher and jump roping. The rubric is Kindergarten-10, 1st -15, 2nd-20 repetitions in a row for jumping rope.

    After testing is completed in grades 3-5 they will have a score and goal sheet. We will put their scores from the fall in a column. They will give themselves a goal for spring testing and then in April we will put their spring test scores

    on the sheet. Each goal achieved is worth 10 points for a total of 50. This is a test score. They will be working to achieve a score that falls in the Healthy Fitness Zone. These are posted and discussed with each class before testing begins. If they achieve the HFZ for all tests in the fall they will receive a fitness charm. After spring testing they will receive a charm and a certificate. Students from the fall testing who received a charm will receive their certificate after spring testing.


    Mark your calendars:

    Jog A Thon: February 10-14, 2020

    Field Day: April 17th, 2020

    Pre-K-Field day is a weeklong event that features a different activity each day. You will be notified by newsletter which day are water days so that you can plan to send extra clothes.

    It is in your child’s best interest that we all work together. If you have any questions please call the P.E. department at 547-7857 ext. 2308. The best times to reach us are 7:45-8:15A.M. or 2:55-3:15 P.M. We are really looking forward to working with your child.