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    WHAT:  Is a time provided daily to meet each student’s individual needs. A time to work on homework, receive tutoring, be a tutor, make up a test an assignment or project, a time to ask that question you never get to ask. This time is for you to get the resources, for us to provide you with resources and for you to be resourceful so that you can accomplish all of your goals and aspirations.

    WHEN: Daily after your third and fourth period classes. 32 minutes – approximately two and a half hours a week set aside for you to make sure you are meeting your goals and being as successful as you can

    WHY: It is important that you have time during the day to have extra time for the things that you need the most help in. For students who work, play a sport, ride a bus – this time provided daily is for you to have access to additional resources and assistance that you need to help you be successful. We will incorporate club day during this time period monthly – so that every student on our campus can be a part of something outside of the classroom. We will also utilize this time to reward and recognize excellence. We can bring in speakers, entertainers, or provide you with additional time for excellent grades, attendance and behavior. It affords students time during the day to earn volunteer and community service hours that can be difficult to fit in outside of our time at school. It will also allow us to focus on school wide initiatives – improved literacy and ACT/SAT scores that will assist all students. Time can and will be utilized for SATpractice.org to assist students in raising scores and increase their chances of scholarships and college entry to their school of choice.

    WHERE: In your third and fourth period class for 32 minutes. This is a teacher you will know, who will know you and will be your ally to assist you in helping you accomplish your goals

    HOW: Monday and Friday will be set aside for goal setting, planning and setting up your week. Students will set goals for the year, month and week and we will monitor those goals on Friday to measure success and find out what were the road blocks and what the successes were. We will also use this time to discuss challenges you may have with school, at work, at home and discuss ways and means to help and assist. This time can and will be utilized to discuss life and other pressing matters that is often overlooked in the daily rush to get through content in all of your classes.

    Wednesday will be set aside for school wide literacy activities- designed specifically to assist all our students with skills that will help them in FSA, ACT, or SAT. A variety of methods, articles and videos will be shown and utilized.

    Tuesday and Thursday – will be days where students with excellent attendance, behavior and grades will be able to make an appointment with another class to make up a test, quiz or receive tutoring from a particular teacher and subject