• Battle of the Books

    The Skyview Battle of the Books Club is a fun way to get students to read a variety of books and learn to comprehend what they are reading. It is a great way to promote recreational reading.

    The program is a "quiz bowl" type of game in which teams try to identify titles and authors of the 15 Sunshine State Young Readers Award titles and the Florida Teens Read Titles. Questions are based on plots, settings and characters. 

    This program is introduced to teachers in grades 3 - 5, 6 - 8 and 9 - 12 by the library information/technology specialist. Participating students then are given several months to read the 15 titles and quiz each other on what they have read. Qualifying tests are given during the months of March and April. School battles and subsequent regional battles determine which schools will be represented at the district battle in May. The first-place team carries home a traveling trophy to house at their school until the next year’s battle. Go Eagles!

    Battle of the Books aligns with Pinellas County Schools primary strategic direction of highest student achievement:
      • By improving reading and comprehension skills.
      • By promoting creative thinking and problem solving.
      • By promoting the Sunshine State Young Readers Awards books.
      • By promoting testing for comprehension of reading materials.
      • By encouraging recreational reading.
      • By exposing students to a variety of literature.
    Battle of the Books aligns with Pinellas County Schools strategic direction of partnerships:
      • By actively involving the community.
      • By forming partnerships between teachers at different grade levels.
    To find out more about participating in our Skyview Battle of the Books please email our Library Media Specialist, Mr. Bradwell @ bradwellt@pcsb.org