Gaming Club

  • Sponsor:  Dr. Kirk

    Room:      1-204

    Days:       Monday & Friday at Lunch

    Gaming club is an opportunity for students to socialize and have fun together based on their hobby of playing video games.  Students will have an opportunity to play multi and single player games, and spend time discussing gaming strategies and preferences.

    You must be signed up for the club to attend.

    Available Games: PC games through Steam like Smite and Brawlhalla as well as browser based games like Town of Salem. We also have an Xbox One (two controllers) and Wii (four controllers) that can be used during gaming club meetings. Students are also welcome to bring their own handheld consoles like Nintendo Switch, 2DS, and Playstation Vita.

    Rules: Students are expected to get along with all students in the club, not play rated "M" games and follow school expectations. Students who use foul language or treat the equipment inappropriately will be removed from the club.