• Exam Schedule 2018


    Please review the dates and periods listed below for Senior Exams and then for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade exams:


    Senior Exams

    Report to the auditorium everyday at 7:05 to collect and take exam(s).

    T   5/8         Period 5 Exam

    W  5/9         Period 1 and 2 Exams

    T   5/10       Period 3 and 4 Exams

    F   5/11       Period 6 and 7 Exams

    (5/14 and 5/15 are days prior to graduation to tie up any loose ends for Seniors.  These can also be Exam make up days)


    9th, 10th, 11th Grade Exams

    (Current, as of 5/8)

    F   5/18       Period 1 and 2 Exams

    M  5/21       Period 3 and 4 Exams

    T   5/22       Period 6 and 7 Exams

    W  5/23       Period 5 Exam

    (5/24 is the last day for students and can be used as a make-up day for exams.  It is also a 2 hour early release day – 7:05 – 11:35)


    There are no early exams scheduled for Seniors.  We have the two additional days for make-ups if we have any conflicts.  Other early exams for 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students must be scheduled through Guidance and approved by me before they pay the bookkeepers and sign up with Ms. Williams.