Radiant Peace Awards

  • Radiant Peace Winners

    National Winners Pictured: Braydan Santos-Essay, Taarak Mohan-Art, Maija Alksnitis-Art, Josephine Ramirez-Art, Abdiel Allen-Essay, Sam Wyness-Essay, Lane Miller-Art

    National Winners Not Pictured: Scarlet Bedell-Essay, Lylah Ramsay-Art


    The International Museum of Radiant Peace, located in St. Petersburg, is the first-ever and only musuem in the world dedicated to Radiant Peace. "Radiant Peace is within us all and is available to everyone. Radiant Peace is natural, whole, harmless, not dualistic, benevolent energy within all our hearts relating us all and making us whole. Radiant Peace transcends the limits of race, age, gender, politics and religion."

    To read more about the museum, please visit the Radiant Peace website