• Getting Started

    PCS FOCUS: As always, your grades and your attendance records are in PCS Focus: http://focus.pcsb.org. Log in using your R2.D2 and your s-dot. This information is on your schedule. Your s-dot is the last 8 digits of your student ID number, with the letter s and a period (dot) replacing the beginning numbers 52. If you can’t initially access your information as usual, don’t panic! Occasionally, it takes a few days for your records to transfer to us in Focus. You can still access Canvas and Blackboard for your classes!


    BLACKBOARD WEB CONFERENCING: Each of your classes will have a specific link to use for the virtual class sessions. Students type their first and last names in the sign-in box to log in. If this is confusing, don’t panic! Your homeroom teacher and tech support will be available to help! You will find these Blackboard links on each course homepage in canvas. Use this link: http://library.blackboard.com/ref/8fb6da4a-0569-4d9e-89f3-c32ec8370cd9/index.htm (or click the box to the right) to view a video with some initial Blackboard instructions.

    VIRTUAL ORIENTATION SESSIONS on Blackboard are a great opportunity to get comfortable with Blackboard before you attend class. 
    An at-your-own-pace Blackboard tutorial 
    is available here:

    CANVAS LMS: As a Homebound student, you have a Canvas account and can log in using your R2.D2 (user name) and s-dot (password), just as you do for Focus. If asked, check the box for the statement that says you already have an account. If you aren’t enrolled in classes and don’t want to wait for your Welcome Meeting, go to Homebound Lobby and click the link for each class on your schedule and you’re in!


    THE ‘LOBBY’: Within the PCS Homebound website (https://pcsb.org/homebound), there is a special section devoted to our virtual program. In the Lobby, you will find all that we’ve included here – and more.


    ‘GO TO ASSIST’ is a website Homebound and Teleschool students may be asked to use when you are in need of technology help. This site should be bookmarked on the computer you use for your classes and can be accessed by clicking the link to the right.