Stellar Staff Members

  • Teacher of the Month (August):
    Mrs. K. Campbell

    Mrs. Campbell is one of our 2nd grade teachers. She has an excellent rapport with scholars and parents. She is always willing to share information with parents (of course in the car riders line) scholars and colleagues. Mrs. Campbell provides an environment that allows her to reach all of her scholars’ full potential both academically and socially.  Because she is a committed and innovative teacher, Mrs. Campbell continues to tutor scholars after school. She will not only meet with scholars after school, but she often works with our scholars during her lunch period as well. Mrs. Campbell is a team player and continues to provide valuable insight to our school-wide team. Mrs. Campbell you are a joy to have at Melrose Elementary, and for that we congratulate you on being our 1st teacher of the month. We are looking forward to you sponsoring a club this year.  Again, congratulations!!!

  • Teacher of the Month (October): 
    Ms. Bagley is Teacher of the Month for October

     Congratulations Ms. Bagley for all the work you do for our scholars at Melrose Elementary School. It is without reservation that you are chosen to be the teacher for the month of October. You have consistently advanced scholars to higher levels of academic achievement. (Evidence: Fall, NWEA, Bi-weekly, IRLA, I-Ready, results and LSI tracker usage). You continue to motivate and encourage scholars to exceed their expectations both academically and socially. As a new teacher to Melrose you have taken the vision and run with it. (Continue to run daily in a sense of urgency) I am honored to have such a teacher as you that understands how to take the lead not only in the classroom but throughout the school. (Arrival throughout the instructional day, and dismissal) It is evident that you love what you do daily. Your attention to details during instructional are desired by all principals to have a teacher onboard such as yourself. Thank you for your dedication to educating ALL scholars.

  • Teacher of the Month (November): 
    Mrs. Kahn was award Teacher of the Month for November.  

    Congratulations Mrs. Sonya Khan

    Mrs. Khan teaches 3rd grade Math and Science. This is her first year at Melrose. We are proud to have her join our winning team. Mrs. Khan reports to work daily with a smile on her face. She has high expectations for all scholars. Mrs. Khan knows how to redirect and continue to teach. Once she redirects she continues to teach and returns to support the scholar she had to redirect academically with a smile. Mrs. Khan knows how to accept feedforward gracefully. She reflects on her practice and asks questions to seek confirmation. Mrs. Khan does not questions or make excuses when something is not observed in her class. She focuses on receiving feedforward to grow her craft. Mrs. Khan’s scholars are thinkers in her class. She pushes them through her well thought out questioning. She questions deeply and intentionally which teaches her scholars how to think. (She is not doing the thinking for them) Mrs. Khan not only embraces academic feedforward but non-academic feedforward. She has taken the initiative to collaborate with Mr. Campbell and Mr. Richards to grow her strategies of classroom management. I cannot stop smiling as I am typing this recognition. It warms a principal’s heart when a teacher gets it and begin to really blossom in their craft. Congratulations, Mrs. Khan you have truly earned this recognition. Thanks again for understanding that every second in the day is a new second. It is what we do with the second that matters most.

  • Teacher of the Month (December): 
    Mrs. Silver was picked for teacher of the year in December of 2017!

    Mrs. Kristin Silver

    Congratulations, Mrs. Silver for selection as MELROSE teacher of the month. Mrs. Silver looped with her scholars from kindergarten to 1st grade. Mrs. Silver displays the joy factor daily in and outside of her classroom. Mrs. Silver’s scholars love to come to school and love their teacher. Mrs. Silver has a scholar in her class. Mrs. Silver receives high affirmations from all stakeholders’ that visit her classroom. Dr. Rafalski, Executive Director of Elementary Education , Holly Slaughter, Elementary Reading & Language Arts Specialist, and Gail Charles-Water, District Lead Consultant Lead Coach/Staff Developer to name 3. WOW!!

    We need to send other teachers to Melrose to observe this good first teaching. Mrs. Silver is relentless in her instructional practice teaching from the time her scholars enter her class to the end of the instructional day.  Mrs. Silver does not miss a beat in teaching her scholars with a 100% no opt out attitude of teaching and learning. Currently, she is helping to grow a teacher in training, engages in leading and receiving afterschool PD, participates in extra curriculum activities, is an assigned mentor and lead teacher all while pursuing her master degree. Congratulations on receiving your master degree in Education Leadership. We are proud of you. Stay on Fire!!

  • Staff of the Month (August):
    Mrs. V. Moore

    Mrs. Moore is our lead para professional. Mrs. Moore is a valuable member of the Melrose team. As the Melrose Lead Para Professional, Mrs. Moore helps facilitate development of a school vision that includes all stakeholders and links to Melrose Elementary Bridge the Gap plan and school goals. She helps determine qualities of excellent paraprofessional’s role and responsibilities. Mrs. Moore is proactive in that she keeps all para professionals abreast of what’s going on and expected outcome. Mrs. Moore answers questions of and advises the administration about paraprofessional’s expertise. Mrs. Moore works to embed professional learning in the context of the school. (Nemours, LLI & IRLA)  More importantly, Mrs. Moore is supportive rather than evaluative. She helps paras uncover areas where growth is needed. She assist paras in being reflective about their own learning and understands gradual release and approximation of new learning. We proudly salute Mrs. Moore for all that she does for Melrose Elementary School.

  • Paraprofessional of the Month (October):
    Ms. Brooke John won Teacher of the Month for October!

     Congratulations Ms. Brooke John for being the paraprofessional for the month of October! Ms. John supports 2nd grade scholars and teachers everyday with a smile on her face and joy in her heart to do the work that makes a difference at Melrose Elementary. Thank you for being an asset to our school community!


  • Support Staff of the Month (November):
    Ms. Wyman won Support Staff Member of the Month in November.
     Ms. Wyman is the BEST PCS Bookkeeper. Ms. Wyman meets so many needs of the faculty, staff, scholars, parents, and community. She is a problem solver and innovatively looks for ways to help Melrose shine. Ms. Wyman facilitates our district leading Girlfriends organization with her meticulous planning of activities and organize field trips for the scholars and teachers. While Ms. Wyman constantly bugs Ms. Reed about this and that, what would Ms. Reed do without her? Ms. Wyman generously supports other schools with clerical duties and fields call from other bookkeepers across the district to add her expertise. It does not matter when Ms. Wyman is approached, she makes sure that others needs are cared for before moving on to the multiple tasks that she has on her plate and for that we cannot thank her enough. Congratulations, Ms. Wyman we love you too.
  • Support Staff of the Month (January):


    Ms. Crowder recognized as paraprofessional of the month for her outstanding contribution toward the success of our scholars. She displays true love and passion for all scholars that she comes in contact with daily. She displays momentum and with-it-ness daily whether monitoring scholars in University Hall or escorting them during transition. Learning is always a priority. Her flexibility as a team member is amazing. She is always up for a challenge and continues to look for ways to move our scholar ahead. She supports multiple classrooms, substitute teaches when needed, and tutors scholars in one of the afterschool programs. She is an asset to the Melrose Team. With Ms. Crowder on our teams, Melrose is truly on our way to an “A”.