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  • 2020-2021 Informational PowerPoint


    ***Updated for 2020-2021 school year***

    6 th, 7 th, and 8th Grade Required Supply List

    These supplies will satisfy your required materials for ALL 8 classes.

    There may be additional items requested by a teacher that students will receive notice of once school starts. ALL materials should be in the student binder at ALL times to limit locker use.

    1- 2-3 inch binder - Recommend the zip around binders that are easier to carry around. 3 inches is suggested but could be bigger or smaller if wanted. You may also choose to have two separate binders for A and B days if that makes the load lighter to carry.

    1- Zippered Pencil Pouch for supplies. Recommended supplies for pencil pouch below:


    Colored Pencils


    Glue Stick

    Hand held sharpener


    TMFMS Student Agenda - Given to all students during 1st week of school

    Loose leaf paper

    Paper sheet protectors (suggested but not required)

    HW folder for work that needs to be turned in (suggested but not required)

    Folders and notebooks for each class: 

    We recommend holding off on purchasing these for your child's 8 classes dur to our teachers having various requirements for each class. All students will be given a specific class supply list rom each teacher during the first week of school.  They will be given ample time to gather what they will need to be successful in each class. 


    TMFMS Student Binder Requirements

    Maintain organization of binder at all times.

    Fill out agenda for each class daily.

    Keep supplies filled in pencil pouch.

    Put all activities from class in their binder (worksheets from tear out texts in class folders, Cornell Notes in notebook, Interactive notebook activities). Bring binder to class every day…no locker visits or phone calls home to turn HW in at a later time.

    Take binder home every night to review work, agenda, and notes for all classes.

    Get binder graded twice a grading period.