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    The mission of the Warrior Academy is to provide students with an applied, creative, autonomous, and collaborative learning environment that is technology rich, student centered, project-based, and utilizes real world applications.


    The vision of the Warrior Academy is to provide a personalized learning environment that empowers students to become innovative, goal-oriented, and dynamic leaders within their community and prepares them for college and careers in a global society. 


    Creating a Lasting Shift in Learning

    Pinellas County Schools has launched Pinellas Innovates: Pathways to Personalized Learning, a long-range plan to personalize learning throughout the district.

    Personalized Learning is tailored to what when, where and how students learn best. It enables students to take ownership of their learning and helps them to develop deep connections with each other, their teachers and other adults.

    Pinellas Innovates will transform what the district is doing in schools on a daily basis. Instruction will move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Learning will be paced to each student’s individual needs. Learn more about Pinellas Innovates at www.pcsb.org/pi


    Student in the Warrior Academy will engage in curriculum that is integrated and provides accelerated options focused on student interests. They will engage in cross-curricular projects as a cohort group to develop a deeper mastery of content standards.

    Career Pathways

    Student will begin their journey in the Warrior Academy as a cohort exploring the 5 career paths offered at OFHS. After their freshman year students will decide which of the 5 career paths they want to pursue – and they can choose more than one!!

    Digital Design ~ Web Development ~ Applied Cybersecurity
    Digital Video/TV Production ~ Marketing


    Q: What is personalized learning?
    A: Many parents have voiced concerns that personalized learning will lead to students entering a 'free-for-all/non-structured' environment. However there is still a lot of structure to personalized learning. Personalized learning focuses on the mastery of standards, students will help choose and drive instruction, but there will still be deadlines, timelines, and expectations from each student. Students will be taught: how to effectively set goals, timelines to meet goals, agency skills, and more.  

    Q: Who is personalized learning for?
    A: PL is great for students who have a variety of learning styles. Many times students are frustrated when the bell interrupts a project, within the academy there are more chunked times of instruction - longer, blocked classes -  that will allow for longer times on projects, student collaboration, and flexibility.  

    Q: How is the material taught?
    A: Instruction in the class will not look traditional. Students will receive some lectures but the education will be centered around individual meetings, collaboration with other students & teachers, and cross curricular integration. Students will learn accountability in the work place through the use of student contracts*. 

    Q: How will the bell schedule look?
    A: There will be a limited number of bells for students in the academy due to chunked classes & extended class periods. 

    Q: How will it still be fundamental?
    A: Most of the fundamental rules will still apply, there will be some difference regarding demerits. However we will still follow fundamental dress code and parent meeting requirements.

    Q: What will a student schedule look like?
    A: Each student's schedule will be more like a family with their fellow classmates. The students in the program and teachers are all together and will stay together, creating more stability with the transition into high school. All students in the academy will be in a cohort schedule with other academy members. The only classes not scheduled as a cohort will be the classes student have a passport out** for.

    Q: Will students still be able to mingle with everyone else in the school?
    A: Of course; students will be given passport outs** for at least 2 periods each day. Lunch will also be with the rest of the general population 

    * Student Contracts - For certain projects across all classes, each student will create and sign a contract that correlates to workplace experiences such as: being hired and fired, shared responsibility, and overall accountability (agency).
    ** Passport Outs - These will be classes (math and elective courses) that will be outside of the academy. Students will leave the academy area to go to these classes.

Teacher Title E-Mail Phone Ext. Courses Club Sponsor
Debra Rein Department Chair reind@pcsb.org 2071 TV Production, Advanced TV Production, O-Town Live Show Class National Technical Honors Society (NTHS)
Jack Mattheus mattheusw@pcsb.org Business Directed Study, On the Job Training, Entrepreneurship, Networking and Cybersecurity, Introduction to Information Technology Computer Programming and Cyber-security
Courtney Thompson thompsoncou@pcsb.org Introduction to Information Technology - Online; Digital Design Pathway, Web Development Pathway Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA); Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and OASIS; National Technical Honors Society (NTHS)
Anita Thompson thompsonani@pcsb.org IIT, Sports & Entertainment Marketing