• Seniors & Parents: Graduation Attire

    Posted by Seminole High School on 4/24/2018

    Girls - White or light colored dress; white or light colored shoes.

    Boys - Collared shirt; dress slacks; dark shoes.

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  • NEW Graduation Info

    Posted by Seminole High School on 4/9/2018

    The graduation ceremony will be held at the Tropicana Field, on May 16th, at 2:30pm. Parking will cost $10. All attendees, including non-graduates, will have free admission - this does not include Seniors who may not have payed graduation fees.

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  • Students & Parents: Bookkeeping no longer accepting cheques.

    Posted by Seminole High School on 3/19/2018

    The bookkeeping office will not accept personal checks after April 20, 2018. We will accept cash and money orders only.

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  • Students: Prom Court Voting

    Posted by Seminole High School on 3/5/2018

    Prom Court Voting is now open!

    Choose who you want to see in our 2018 Prom Court!

    Click here

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  • Students: March of Madness Ballot

    Posted by Seminole High School on 3/2/2018

    The English Department March of Madness Ballot is now open. Please go and vote!

    Click here

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  • Students and Parents: AdvancED Survey

    Posted by Seminole High School on 3/1/2018

    Students and Parents, we need your help.

    AdvancED Survey Action Plan

    As part of our school’s accreditation, we are conducting a Parent Survey. Your feedback to this survey provides guidance for our
    school’s improvement and helps us identify our best practices. Your participation is very important for the results of this survey to be meaningful.


    Parent Survey

    Student Survey

    Survey available through March 12th.

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  • NEW Curriculum Guide '18-'19

    Posted by Seminole High School on 2/21/2018

    The new curriculum guide for years 2018-2019 is now available.

    Go and choose your classes for next year!

    Click here to access the new curriculum guide.

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  • Seniors: Graduation Fees Increase!

    Posted by Mr. Scales on 2/20/2018


    Graduation fees go up $25.00 on March 1st to $135.00.

    Pay them through cash/check to Scales (A5) or pay online.

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  • 2018 Scholastic Award Winners

    Posted by Seminole High School on 2/13/2018

    Congratulations to all Scholaristic Award winners, honorable-mentions, and participants.

    To see a full album of winners click here.

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  • SSCI on BayNews9

    Posted by Seminole High School on 2/2/2018

    Seminole High School's SSCI (Seminole Sports Career Institute) founded by Coach Miller was showcased on a news report on Bay News 9, followed by an article. Go have a look!

    Click here to read the article

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