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Spring Pictures

For those who have ordered or are planning to order Spring Pictures that were taken before Spring Break:

  • Packages can be sent to your for for $4. The fee covers shipping a protective 9x12 photo mailer to keep prints from being bent or damaged. 
  • Eventually, when school re-opens, Vernon Photography will deliver the remaining packages to the school to be distributed, even if it is in the fall of 2020. 
  • Many of families wait to place their order until they’ve received proof and passwords and then order online. Our inability to deliver proofs means parents have no idea the images are available to view. We have posted passworded galleries that include Fall, Spring and Class (where applicable). This means, if a parent logs in they can see all three types of photos we have taken this year.
    • We have also created a new self-serve system for parents to retrieve passwords if they don’t know it.

To contact Vernon Photography, visit or call (727)329-8962.