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Principal's Call Out 5/3/2021

Good evening amazing Jaguar Nation this is Principal Wilson.  Thank you for all the donations of water and mints.  All students had the opportunity to have both today and tomorrow.  Thank you to our online families for bringing in your students for testing.  Thank you for your patience as we encountered some technical difficulties this morning.  We have our second session of Reading for both brick and mortar and 7th grade online students.  When brick and mortar students are testing there are assignments located for every class there won’t be a live link until all testing has concluded on campus.  Online students that come on campus for testing are exempt from classes until 1:15 p.m. This allows for travel time and lunch.  Please visit our website for testing for online and brick and mortar students (red indicates online testing and black indicates brick and mortar testing). 

Congratulations to our PRIDE Award winners.  Attached you will find the link for the PRIDE winners.  Here is the link to Dr. Grego’s message for PRIDE Award Winners.







  • Serenity Kelly
  • Chase Craig


  • Jacqueline Mathurin
  •  Addison Rogers

Social Studies

  • Joseph Hurst
  • Josiah Walker

World Language

  • Sophie Ivanova 
  • Jocelyne Lioe


  •  Gedontae Rich
  • Berlin Stanton


Congratulations to our Vryle Davis Award Winners

Serenity Kelly

Sahmadia Newton

Michael Adebowale


Congratulations to our Turn Around Student

Ni’yanna Sands


Congratulations to our National Junior Honor Society Inductees

PTSA announcements –

Look for upcoming announcements for our next Family Day at Bayboro Brewing, this will be for both current and incoming families.   The date is May 15th and details will be posted soon!

PTSA along with Side Door Deli provided lunch for our teachers and staff on Friday April 23rd, it was enjoyed by all.   We will also be hosting a well-deserved Appreciation Happy Hour on May 7th in celebration of Teacher Appreciation week! 

PTSA has been working hard to put together some nice gifts of appreciation for our teachers and staff this week, we would like to thank for the following parents/families for contributing gifts – Van McCourt Ostrand, Young Wray, Marianne Hillyer, Stephanie Cox, Barbara Metzler, The Andry’s, Karin Frazer, Shermila Lemus-Martina, The Terrell’s, Lelise Christensen, Dawn Simms, Brandi Morris, Deanne Whetstone Ruffing and Yayoi Harnazaki.   Please check out our school website and parents FB page for the list of local businesses that also provided gifts.

Keep your suggestions coming on Spirit Gear for next year!  Thank you for your support to your Thurgood Marshall PTSA!      


Thank you for your time enjoy your evening

.Vyrle Davis Awards(1).pdf