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Principal's Call Out 9/27/2021


For anyone who purchases a membership during the month of September, you will be given a coupon for a Free Meal at Culvers!   We are trying to achieve 90% membership.  As announced by Ms. Wilson at the PTSA meeting, if we get 90% membership, she will cancel the last mandatory parent meeting of the year!    Join at or at PTSA events or in the front office.



Thank you to all our parents, grandparents, relatives, and friends that have helped our students reach their goal!    We still have until October 5th to raise money for our Outdoor Classroom and Garden!  Remind your friends and family!  Register your student so they get to participate in the Day of Awesomeness on November 4th!!


BUY TWO, GIVE ONE – Water Bottles!

Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school to fill at the water stations. Water bottles are lost, left in classes, forgotten at home or some kids just don't have one. PTSA is promoting a BUY TWO, GIVE ONE Water Bottle campaign to make sure every student has access to a water bottle! Here is how it works go to - And look for NEW! Donate a water bottle to classes. Purchase TWO water bottles for $7.50 (total) and then keep one and give one to a classroom that can be given to a student who may not have one. You can donate one or both and purchase as many as you like. PTSA will contact you when your order is received to ask how you would like to have the water bottles delivered!

IF YOU HAVE PLACED AN ORDER, you will be hearing from the PTSA soon about delivery of your items.


Upcoming Events –

Thurgood Thursday’s at Culvers  – Oct 14th

Chic Fil A Friday’s in car line – Oct 15th

PTSA General Meeting – Oct 21st (Will be held as part of the Fall Festival)