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5/12/23 End of Year Update

Good evening, Jaguar Families!  Please know this message is lengthy including essential end of the year information for all students, families, and staff.

May 17th we will have a school wide locker cleanout during first period.  Students, if you have belongings that can be removed ahead of time, please do so.  Also, on May 17, ALL students are to bring their laptop and charger to school.  Students will be turning in devices, renewing devices, and inventorying damages.  Students will work with teachers to select whether they are keeping the laptop for the summer or turning it in.  8th grade families – in order for students to participate in the dance, their laptop must be turned in on this day as failure to do so would result in an outstanding financial violation which is one of the factors prohibiting 8th grade activity participation.

May 19th-25th is exam week and exams are required for all students.  If the student took a FAST assessment for reading or math, or the 8th grade science SSA, they will not have an exam for that course.

Beginning May 19, 2023, students will not be permitted to bring bags, zipper binders, or backpacks on campus.  They may bring a writing utensil but all belongings must remain at home.  Any student who does not follow this rule will have their backpack confiscated at the beginning of the day.  

On May 25th, all students will be released two hours early at 2:10pm.  Car riders must be off campus by 2:40pm.  There will be no after school activities. 
A separate callout will go out for all 8th grade families detailing the parade plan as well as dismissal procedures.

If a student chooses to break school rules that would normally result in suspension, that student may be suspended.  The suspension will begin the first day of next school year even if the student is scheduled to attend high school.  Students, please make wise decisions these last few weeks of school.

All students must adhere to the district dress code.  Students who do not adhere will be required to change or will be sent home.