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Health and Wellness

Since March 2020, Pinellas County Schools has successfully followed the health and wellness recommendations of our Medical Advisory Group and the Pinellas County Department of Health. The district has modified protocols as conditions and information changed and will continue to seek and follow sound medical advice.

  Student Wellness Update:

  • Face coverings will be strongly recommended (not mandatory) when indoors.

  • School district personnel will not monitor nor enforce the use of face coverings however, face coverings will continue to be available at school sites for students, staff and visitors.

  • All district buildings will continue enhanced cleaning and sanitizing protocols. Cleaning supplies will continue to be provided to each site by the district office.

  • Social distancing practices, to the extent possible, will continue while also ensuring collaboration in classrooms, cafeterias and throughout all district buildings.

  • Water fountains in all district buildings will remain closed. Remind your student to bring their own bottles to fill with water.

  • Every school will be assigned a nurse.

  • In accordance with government-issued guidance regarding public health, school sites will maintain a separate space for individuals exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Students sent home through the isolation room will be allowed to return to school using the same protocols as the 2020-21 school year (i.e. negative COVID test or alternative diagnosis for symptoms or 10 days absent from school).

  • In alignment with state reporting practices, the district dashboard of confirmed COVID-19 cases will be updated on a weekly basis. The district dashboard can be accessed by going to:

  • Families will be regularly reminded to keep their student home and seek further care if they are not well. Each day parents should assess their child’s health before bringing them to school. Students with any of the following symptoms should not come to school: Temperature above 100.4/chills, Vomiting or gastrointestinal issues, Chronic cough/shortness of breath, Loss of taste or smell.


Pinellas County Schools is committed to providing high-quality instruction and enrichment opportunities for all students, while also maintaining wellness protocols for students and staff. The district anticipates that as the community continues to return to pre-pandemic conditions, that the processes below will also guide the school district’s return to pre-pandemic operations. Any updates will be communicated to all stakeholders.