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CHS Points of Pride

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Clearwater High School received a “C” designation from the State of Florida last year based on the new State grading system and was just a few points away from a "B". 

It takes an entire village, (faculty, support staff, students, district support, parents and community members) to make this happen!

The Class of 2023 received a 95% Graduation rate, with 88% of the class receiving at least one college credit, and over $3 Million in earned scholarships upon graduation!

Our AICE program assessments have surpassed national and/or global pass rates in Biology, Chemistry, Literature in English, Marine Science, English General Paper, and Travel and Tourism. Because we offer so many rigorous courses, one of our AICE students last year left with 53 college credits! 

Our Embry-Riddle Aerospace program continues to fly high, and last year alone, we granted almost two hundred college credits!


Over twenty times, CHS has received the Five Star School Award for parent and community involvement showing that our community is truly invested in our school.

The Florida PBIS Project recognized CHS as a Bronze Level Model School for the 2023-2024 school year for our work in utilizing data and a tiered-framework towards an increase positive behaviors and eliminate inequity gaps. CHS was the only high school to earn this distinction. 

pbis model school ribbon

Three times, The Washington Post has ranked Clearwater High School as the most rigorous high school in all of Pinellas County for the highest percentage of our Seniors graduating with at least one college credit! We have led the district in this category for 6 years in a row! Way to go CHS!


4 times, Clearwater High School has been recognized as a Model School by the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE). We were recognized for continuing to raise rigor and relevance for our students through a personalized relationship building learning approach within a Wall-to-Wall Academy Model. There have been only two schools in Pinellas to receive this distinction, and we are the only one to receive it more than once!

The Career Academy for International Culture and Commerce (CAICC) has earned the "Academy of Distinction with Honors" title from the Pinellas County Career Education Board. Clearwater High School was the only school in the district to earn the "with Honors" distinction, meaning our community partnerships and student involvement goes above and beyond the rubric criteria. The rigor of the curriculum and the depth of our industry partnerships are to be commended!

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Additionally, all of our academies have been designated "Academies of Distinction” by the Career Education Board through the Pinellas Education Foundation

Three times, The Washington Post has rated Clearwater High School the most challenging or rigorous high school in Pinellas County. This is based upon the number of students taking accelerated courses, and the number of accelerated courses being offered. CHS was ranked thirtieth in the state, and first in Pinellas County!


Last year 3 College Board Opportunity Scholarships awarded to CHS students, which is the most in district, and 6 of our students received Clearwater For Youth Scholarship Awards totaling $59,000.

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Last year, we had over 1,000 industry certifications awarded in over thirty areas such as Microsoft bundle, lifeguarding, Adobe, Apple, Safe Staff, Electronic Systems and Unmanned Aircraft, and students were able to take numerous field trips to Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Memphis, Birmingham, Savannah, and New York City.

All of our sports teams had a combined Grade Point Average of 3.206, and 16 out of 22 sports teams had a 3.0 grade point average or higher, and twenty two seniors were designated scholar athletes, obtaining above a 4.0 GPA!