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Senior Superlative Winners

Senior Superlative Winners

Most Intelligent – Ben Kappitt and Sofia Sanchez 

Most Athletic – Fernando Monroe and McKenzie Bryant 

Most Likely to Succeed – Jarret Gillan and Nicole Preil 

Most Artistic – James Nguyen and Kelsey Deal 

Most Talented Performer – Joel Locke and Jasmyn Marshall 

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day – Brendan Yardy and Taylor Teasdale 

Most School Spirited – Hussein Shamsideen and Destiny Barthelmes 

Most Likely to Become a Millionaire – Sebastian Carbonaro and Adriana Parra 

Most Likely to be on a Reality TV Show – Marco Guardado and Cali Boccuti 

Class Clown – Seamuth Sok and Tess McGann 

Most likely to be famous on social media – Hector Laporte and Kylie Vetter 

Most Likely to be late to graduation – Jackson Pierce and Zoe Heathcock 

Most Likely to Change the World – Thomas Nicholls and Aaliyah Austin-Williams 

Most Likely to put others first – Jose Ramos and Meadow Harting 

Best Sportsmanship – John Lathan and Brooke Jurczak 

Most Unforgettable – Steven Issari and Briana Washington  

Winners will be photographed on Tuesday, February 23rd.

On campus learners, go to room 322 at the beginning of 6th period 

Online learners, meet at room 322 at 1:30.