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History of SAVE

In April of 1989, over 200 students from West Charlotte Senior High School in North Carolina gathered at a party. A carload of young men from a rival school showed up armed and looking for trouble.  As teens panicked, 17-year-old Alex Orange stepped forward. Alex, a fullback on the West Charlotte football team, was a young man who looked out for other people. Alex told the intruders this was no place for violence. Sadly, shots were fired and Alex fell to the floor.  Surrounded by shaken friends and schoolmates, Alex lost his life to gun violence.

The following week, students returned to school mourning yet another young life lost too soon to violence. Joining together in their grief, they vowed that something was going to change, and change for the better! The group formed students against violence everywhere (SAVE).

In 2017, SAVE and Sandy Hook Promise combined efforts to collectively expand their reach and sustain their work on educating and empowering young people to help prevent gun violence - BEFORE it happens. There are now thousands of SAVE Promise Clubs across the country.